Warning: this will be pretty mushy.
I love my life. Is it perfect? No, but it is very very good. My husband is wonderful, he’s my best friend. We are goofy and weird, but we laugh a lot and we talk about everything. We talk about stupid stuff and serious stuff and everything that falls between stupid and serious. Some people have told me that we are still in the honeymoon stage, and that is why we get along so well. Maybe they are right, but I don’t think so. Why can’t two people just really love and enjoy being with each other? Is that really that far fetched?  I love my husband more because of the things we have been through, the tough stuff has brought us closer.
And then there is Camberlyn. She’s pretty awesome. I know everyone thinks their kids are great, but I just can’t get over how much I love this little girl. She has developed such a personality; She loves to be outside, she’s super social, very very active and stubborn (Brynt says she gets the stubbornness from me, I have no idea what he talking about. ha ha). She has mastered rolling now, in fact she tends to show off now. She rolls everywhere, and if she cant roll to get where she wants to go she does this funny wiggle/army crawl thing… once this kid can crawl for real, I am in big trouble. She’s a handful and a half, but she’s so fun and funny. 
This little family of mine is great. Some days Cam is cranky, some days I am over whelmed, and some days Brynt is worn out, But we are here to help and uplift each other when one of us needs it. I love them, and I love this life that I am so privileged to live.
Happiness is not in things, it is in us.

Let’s set the record straight here

So you know how on blogger you can see who visits your blog? Today I was looking through and noticed that I had a ton of visits from this one site, which I thought was weird so decided to check it out. Turns out it was an anti-mormonism chat room. Someone started a post saying ” Friend of mine’s post on how amazing it is to clean the temple”, with a link to a blog post I had done about a temple experience Brynt and I had had. To which many people chimed in about how brain washed and pathetic I am, how sad it is that I don’t know I belong to a cult, that I am a robot, that I am deluded, that I was married at 18 and brain washed into doing so, that I am dumb, that my name is too “mormony”(?), that I am uneducated and can’t think for myself… and on and on.
I don’t know who the “friend” was that posted my blog on the site. But obviously they don’t actually know me. At all.
 I am a convert, I chose this life. I was not married at 18, I am not brain washed, my name is just my name and was chosen before I or my parents joined the Church, I do not belong to a cult ( I’ve done some research on those, pretty positive this is not a cult), I have lots to learn but I am 15 credits shy of my bachelors  so I consider myself at least somewhat educated, and I am not a robot because if I was I am sure my house would be much cleaner.  I am my own person and I do as I please. It just so happens that it pleases me to be a member of this Church. And you know what, I am happy.  And not a brain washed crazy person who thinks she is happy, I actually enjoy my life.

I respect other people’s views. You don’t like what I believe? That’s just fine with me, It is a natural right to believe whatever we want. But don’t make me the punch line of your jokes because of my religion. I won’t do that anyone, because unlike you, my so called friend, I don’t have to put others down about what they believe in order to feel good about what I believe.