Tiny but Mighty

Camberlyn is 3 weeks old today, I can’t believe it! She is so fun and wonderful, we are loving all the changes we see in  her each day. We tell her that she is tiny but mighty; at three weeks old she has grown a lot, gained a whole pound and grown 3 inches, but she is still just barely fitting into her newborn clothes so she is still tiny. that being said, she has started holding her head up really well ( the doctor said she is doing incredibly well for her age), if you hold her up she will use her legs to stand, and as of yesterday she has learned how to make happy little squeaky noises when she is playing. She has been able to smile since the day she was born and on a couple occasions we have caught her giggling. Tiny but Mighty 🙂

Every day with her is a blessing, she gives us perspective on what life is about, and what a gift living is.

Camberlyn Elizabeth Barney, here at last

She is finally here! On February 1st, 2012 at 11:49am Camberlyn Elizabeth Barney entered the world.

A few days before I had begun to think that she would never get here, which I think is probably normal when you reach the end of pregnancy, but it was hard to believe she was ever coming. On Tuesday the 31st I had reached my official due date and I was ready to be done with pregnancy and see my baby, and so I started walking. I walked up and down the stairs, all around the house, my mom and I walked down to the park and did a few laps, then came home and started again. By mid afternoon I was starting to get pretty regular Braxton Hicks contractions which just fueled the fire, so made sure to keep walking, standing, swaying….pretty much anything but sitting.
When Brynt got home from work, things were looking pretty good, my contractions were 6 mins apart and right on the boarder between very uncomfortable and painful. My mom suggested that we go out to dinner since it may be the last one we get alone for quite awhile. In the car we were trying to decide where would be good to eat, and then I got a really painful contraction (well at the time I thought it was painful). Brynt said jokingly, “should we get fast food?” , to which I replied ” Well I think a long sit down dinner is out of the question”. We ended up going to a cute little sandwich shop called Gator Jack’s. The food was great, but contractions made it a little bit hard to enjoy.
When we got home we started the longest waiting game of my life. I labored at home till around 2am and then we headed up to the hospital because the contractions where getting very strong and were about 4mins apart. They checked me and said I was at about 3cm, so my options were to stay there and walk to see if I could make some progress or go home and labor there for a while longer… I chose home.The next couple of hours were long and hard, I took a nice bath and that helped a ton. at around 5am I felt like if I stayed home any longer, I might not be able to get up and go to the hospital, so once again we all got in the car and headed to Labor and Delivery. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that we literally live a block and a half from the hospital, that was miserable car ride and I am so glad it was over quickly. 
When they checked me the second time I was at 5cm and they said that was good enough to admit me. Now to be completely honest the next 6 or so hours were a blur. I had decided at the beginning of my pregnancy that I didn’t want any medication ( unless it was needed), so I got to feel all the pains of labor. It was by far the hardest thing I have ever done, but that being said, I am very glad I chose that rout and if I had it to do over again I would still choose to go un-medicated. I am so grateful for my awesome husband who held my hand the whole time, reminded me to breath through the contractions and told me over and over that I could do it. I am also thankful that my mom was there the whole time, no matter how old you get, it always makes things easier when your mom is there to support you. My midwives were awesome, one of them was always there with making sure I and the baby were ok, and making sure I knew all of the different options I had (including sitting in the jacuzzi tub, which help IMMENSELY).
Like I said before, it was all kind of a blur, and I don’t remember specific details until it came to the baby’s delivery. That is an incredible feeling, one moment I was so tiered I honestly thought that I had nothing left and couldn’t possibly go on, and the next I was holding my sweet baby girl and Brynt and I were crying with joy. All the pain was completely gone and replaced with an overwhelming sense of elation and excitement, I  have never felt anything like it in my life.
We had to stay an extra day at the hospital because Camberlyn had a high bilirubin count, but with the help of the “baby tanning booth” it went down and we were able take her home on Friday night.
Its been a week since she was born and I can’t believe how much joy
she has brought to us already. Brynt can’t get enough of her, the second he gets home he picks her up and has her with him where ever he goes. My mom has been soaking up every moment of being a Grandma, she loves this little girl. Aunt Baylee is over all the time so she can play with “Cambee”. Camberlyn also gets to Skype with her family that is far away, we are so grateful for modern technology, it makes long distances a little easier.
As for me, I love being a mom, my heart is so full, I feel incredibly blessed and I am so looking forward to all of the adventures this amazing little person will bring into our lives.