Memeorial Day Weekend… ( a bit late)

I realize that Memorial day was ummm, a while ago now. I don’t have any good excuses as to why I haven’t written about it, life just gets in the way of blogging sometimes 🙂

I am so glad we celebrate Memorial day, I feel like it is so vitally important that we remember all of the service men and women who have given so much. I hope I am able to pass the respect and gratitude I feel for them on to my children.

Over all our Memorial day weekend was a very fun, and much needed. Saturday we just spent time as a family enjoying the warm weather and beauty that is Idaho in the Summer. We went down to the Rexburg Nature Park to show Cam the ducks and walk around for a bit. She Loved it. She also really wanted to get in the pond with the ducks, but thankfully we were able to prevent that from happening.

Saturday evening we invited our friends the Richardsons and the Daylongs out to the Sand Dunes for a bonfire. We roasted marshmallows and star-burst and a wonderful time hanging out with friends. Until….. the sheriff’s deputy showed up.  Unbeknownst to us (or the other four groups of people having bonfires) it is illegal to have bonfires in that part of the dunes. None of us had a clue, mainly because everyone and there dog has bonfires out there, but that is besides the point. We got a ticket and we were all a little ( or alot) irritated but oh well. I am sure it will be funny in a year or so.

Sunday we hadn’t made any plans other than going to Church, but while walking to Church I had an idea, “lets go camping tonight!”. Brynt is ALWAYS ready for an adventure and he was on board with the plan in no time. After we got out of Church we packed up the truck with our gear and food and headed for the hills.

We decided to go to Kelly Canyon because its not to far away and its absolutely beautiful.

Camping was exactly what the Doctor ordered. We have both been stressed and busy, Brynt much more so than me. How he is managing to balance a full time job, full time school and having a family, I will never know. But he does it and  he deserved some quality R & R.

Camberlyn is pretty much the best kid ever, she LOVED camping. We always call her a wild animal and maybe she is because she sure seemed at home way out there in the woods.

Monday morning we ate a great breakfast cooked on the fire, enjoyed our little piece of heaven for a while and then packed up camp. We headed home and then decided, ” why not do some more fun stuff!’.

We all hopped back in the truck, and headed to Shelly to see if we could find anything fun at our favorite shop Hidden Treasures. Although we didn’t find anything to bring home, we had a great time and I got this awesome picture of Brynt in a personal sauna.DSCN6560


So the question is, “what is the perfect way to wrap up an eventful Memorial Day weekend?” — The Zoo of course!

Idaho Falls has a great little zoo, I really can’t believe we hadn’t gone there before. Cam really enjoyed all the animals – so much so that we couldn’t get any picture of here looking at the camera LOL. We had a great time and I just tried to soak up all the sweet memories we made over the weekend 🙂


Arizona Sunshine

I have said it before and I will say it again, my husband is wonderful.  A few weeks ago my best friend, Baylee came up to Idaho for a visit which was awesome! Brynt, knowing that he would be going out of town the same time Baylee left suggested that I go back to AZ with her and visit family. I said no at first, but after a while he convinced me and I packed a bag and hit the road!

Camberlyn and I were able to spend a whole week with my parents, Brynts parents and both of our grandparents, it was wonderful. I love to see Cam spend time with her family, and I am always amazed at how loved that little girl is. We had a wonderful time, playing, talking, eating and enjoying time with all the amazing people who love us.