6 months!

You know the old saying “time flies”? Well, I think when you have children, time hits light speed. Its incredible how fast the last 6 months have gone! Whats even more amazing is all the ways Camberlyn has grown and changed in that time.

From day one she has been a happy baby, and a social baby. Cam loves people, she will give just about anyone a huge smile and giggle ( which I will admit as a mother is a little nerve racking, I would like her to have SOME reservations lol). She can sit, well sort of… I think she can actually sit pretty well but she is always going after this or that so I can’t ever get her to sit for very long 🙂 . She gets up on her hands and knees now and can ALMOST crawl, I seriously think we are days away from that. I think she would like to be a farmer when she grows up, I say this simply because of all the Baby Eisenstein videos we have let her watch, baby McDonald is by far her favorite. Camberlyn has wicked good fine motor skills for her age, yes , I know all parents think their kids are incredible, but Cam can pick thinks up with just her thumb and for finger as well as being able to pass toys back and forth between her hands ( I looked that one up in one of my child development books, generally babies can do that around 9 months). She thinks its funny to squawk, its a high pitch short scream that she does in 3 second intervals. Her favorite song is “You are my Sunshine”,  she will start beaming if you sing that to her, I love it. She also loves “Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam”.  One thing I really enjoy is when I feed her she will softly touch my face and look up at me, it melts my heart every time!

She has stolen our hearts completely, the past 6 months have been such an incredible and wonderful time, what a blessing our little Camberlyn Elizabeth is!