Sewing time!

So I have been on a sewing streak lately, and yesterday I made this little number for Camberlyn.

Talk about easy and fun! I took a toddler t-shirt some one had given us, took the sleeves off, took it on on the sides, finished off the edges of the new sleeves and added a flower detail from the scraps and ta da! Now she has a cute little summer dress to enjoy   🙂
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Money Matters

So Brynt and I are working hard to pay off all of our debt. We don’t have that much, but we don’t want ANY. Quite a bit of it is the baby bill. Babies are expensive, babies are especially expensive if your student insurance has crazy high premiums and pays for basically nothing. Grrr, what a rip off but oh well, we are dealing with it.
Last month we payed of the credit card. This week we have payed off  the hospital bill (YAY) and a few other smaller medical bills. It was a lot of money, and I am so glad we don’t have to worry about it any more. It gives me so much motivation to keep going and do better with money.

We want to have everything payed off, and then go on a vacation. After the vacation, time to save for a house!  obviously we will have to take out a mortgage  for a house but we want to have a BIG down payment. And then work hard to pay off the house too!

This “pay it off now” attitude takes some life style adjustments, but its worth it. Brynt and I are 23, if we can train ourselves to make wise money choices now, and start working towards our financial goals early, there is a bright future ahead.

Mostly this is for me, and also about Mesa Falls

I have to get some of the things Cam does written down so I don’t forget! That’s why this is “mostly for me”. And then I will write about Mesa Falls in the same post because I am to lazy to start another one (how sad is that?).

So about Cam:
Quick story from last Saturday:
Brynt and I were sitting on the couch and I layed  Camberlyn on her back in between us. Brynt was sitting kind of on the edge of the couch so there was a gap between him and the and the back cushion; well as soon as I put her down Cam starts wiggling herself around so that she is laying between Brynt and the back of the couch. But she didn’t stop there! She then proceeded to continue wiggling until she had gotten all the way around to the other side of Brynt. It was so funny, and she was so pleased with herself lol.

Cam is officially 5 months old now, and this is the stuff she does:
~Sucks her thumb. I tried and failed to prevent that one,oh well I guess.

~Laughs at jokes. This sounds ridiculous, but in the last week she has started to be able to tell when things are funny. We let her watch Baby Einstein movies and there are certain parts where the puppets come out and do something funny (ie. pigs getting muddy and so on), and she thinks its way funny! I absolutely love hearing her little baby giggles 🙂

~Puts herself to sleep. This is one of my favorites. We put her to bed in her own room and she puts herself to sleep… and then proceeds to sleep 12 hours or better. I love this so much.

~ Wakes up with a smile. My favorite part of the morning is when I walk in to Camberlyn’s room to get her up, and she is peaking through the bars of her crib just beaming at me. She always wakes up like this, and it just melts my heart every time.

~Roles everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

~ Squeal/scream/yells. This one is funny, and loud. She started this a few months ago, but has really honed in on her talent for it in recent weeks. She will get excited about something, and then it starts. she squeals as loud as her little voice can, for as long as she can ha ha! Its really funny, except for some occasions like during the baby blessing at Church on Sunday… who am I kidding, it was funny then too 🙂

~Feeding herself. When I say feeding herself I mean it in the loosest definition of the term. Little miss independent likes to steal the spoon from me and put it in her mouth all by herself. She’s pretty good at it, but it gets very very messy, so she eats with her shirt off these days ha ha.

~She loves to be outside more than anything, she just smiles the whole time. She fits in well with Brynt and I 😉

Its kind of incredible to watch someone grow and change day by day, I feel so blessed that I get to witness everything that she does.

And now about Mesa Falls-

At the beginning of  the summer Brynt and I decided that we would try to spend as much time as we could outside on the weekends.  So far we have done pretty well.
We’ve Gone Camping:

 We’ve Gone to Jackson Hole:

 We Went Home to AZ (although it was to hot to be outside the whole time):

And most recently we went to Mesa Falls:

It was Really awesome! We first went to the Lower Falls.

They were beautiful! The only bummer was that we couldn’t get very close to them.  But Cam still liked it 🙂

Then we went up the road a mile or so to the Upper Falls, We were able to get REALLY close to them which made my day!

Everything about it was gorgeous, the sight, the smells, the sounds… I was in heaven. The canyon that the river flows through is so green and rich with wildflowers, its wonderful just to see how full of life it is. While we were enjoying it, Camberlyn took it upon herself to try to yell louder than the sound of the water fall. SOOO funny! As pictured bellow 🙂

After we soaked up how beautiful the Falls were, we hit the road again and found ourselves somewhere in Island park on a little trail. We love a little hike and this one (although short) was a lot of fun. Side note, we think we found pot growing a long the path, or at least a member of the hemp family LOL. It was great to see some of the great places that are around our area. The world is a beautiful place, and we try to get out and see as much of it as we can 🙂