Easter Weekend

Spring! Finally Spring has sprung, and I really couldn’t be more excited about it! Idaho has this way of making you wait for spring so long that you are about ready to pack up and move, and then it comes and you think “why would I ever leave this place?”.

I was oh so thankful that Spring showed up in time for Easter, it made the whole holiday so much more special for me, and much more exciting because we were able to do so much OUTSIDE.

We started our weekend by doing an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos with our friends the Richardsons and Nickles. I really didn’t think that Camberlyn was old enough to understand how to hunt for eggs, but boy was I wrong! I showed her an egg and put in her basket and she just took off all over the yard putting eggs in as fast as she could.ImageImageImageImage

After our morning egg hunt, we all headed down to the park for a picnic, the kids hardly ate anything because they were having such a good time running around in the beautiful sunshine.

After a refreshing nap for Cam, we headed for the mountains for a little afternoon hike. The weather was just right and it felt wonderful to fill our lungs with fresh spring air. Kia and Cam thoroughly enjoyed playing in the dirt after we were done 🙂ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Compared to Saturday, Sunday was really chill. We enjoyed the morning by showing Camberlyn what the Easter Bunny had brought for her and watching as she found all the eggs he had hidden for her. It was so fun, as Cam grows I am so amazed to see how much she can do and how incredibly funny she is! We laughed so hard was we watched her dragging her little basket around the house, with her bed head hair and pink PJ’s, so sweet.

We had a wonderful Church service and truly felt the joy of Easter, the knowledge that Christ is risen, the atonement is fulfilled and death is concurred. What a Joyful time!




Our little Camberlyn is quickly approaching her fist birthday, and all sorts of growing up is happening around our house. She is becoming more and more independent and that includes eating. We like for her to feed herself, and she does a pretty good job, BUT some times she gets a little carried away. This morning was one of those times. Brynt and I were doubled over with laughter at her Malt-O-Meal adventure, and she had the time of her life.

I love this crazy little girl!

2012, a very good year.

I don’t drink, but I always love how people who drink wine say “ah, yes, this is very good year”. I feel that if  I could bottle up 2012 and then pour myself a glass I would say, ” ah, what a good year!”



January was spent preparing for our little angel to arrive. I think back at how incredibly excited we were and how much we Thought we knew about having a baby, and I have to giggle 🙂



February 1st, at 11:49am, Camberlyn Elizabeth Barney was born; a beautiful and perfect gift from God. I think I can safely say that this was the most incredible day of our lives.



In March we took a trip down to Arizona for Camberlyn to receive her baby blessing. It was such a special time, Camberlyn received a beautiful blessing and was able to meet many of her family members for the first time.



April we got to celebrate Camberlyn’s first Easter, what a fun time! We also took a trip to Salt Lake for Super Cross and to visit the Salt Lake Temple, great memories were made!



May was the beginning of our summer adventures! We took our first camping trip and Camberlyn LOVED it 🙂



June was an other month of fun adventures for the Barney clan, and we also began to see how much of a Daddy’s girl Cam is; she was happy to sit outside and watch him work.



July was a VERY full month for us. We enjoyed taking came out to all the festivities on the 4th, had a blast at the Barney/Dixon reunion and had a great week long visit from my Mom and siblings. The perfect was to spend a summer month!



August we were able to make a trip to Arizona and had a great time visiting everyone there! Cam even helped do some yard work for Grandpa Terry 😉


2012 09 08

In September we welcomed fall by visiting the fair, Camberlyn LOVED all the animals!



Camberlyn’s first Halloween was a blast! Brynt was Willy Wonka, Cam was an Umpa Lumpa and I was a candy bar.



November was a BUSY month. Brynt and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary, Camberlyn and I flew to Arizona so we could be there for my Grandad’s 80th birthday, it was Cam’s first Thanksgiving and my birthday…. What a month!



December was AWESOME! a week long visit from my family, Brynt’s birthday and Camberlyn’s very first Christmas. Many happy memories were made 🙂

2012 was wonderful, and I am so excited to see was 2013 has in store for us.  We will look back on this year with joy and we have great hopes for the future!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

Merry Christmas!

This year we stayed up North for Christmas, and as much as we missed the holidays with our families in AZ, it was great to spend this time together as a new little family.

Christmas Eve Brynt had to work a half day, so Camberlyn and I spent the morning baking rolls and cookies and getting the final details ready for the festivities to come.While we worked, the snow was falling outside! It was absolutely beautiful and I felt like I was in a Christmas card as I rolled out sugar cookies while watching the snow come down.

After Brynt came home we took Camberlyn outside to see all the snow, it was so sweet to see her reaction to one of my favorite things in the world.

That evening we had a lovely meal with the Richardsons and the Nickles. It was so fun to watch the little ones play together and we were blessed to enjoy the great company of friends. Hannah and Jarrett’s new baby, Brielle, is the sweetest, tiniest thing, it was great to Ooo and Ahhh over her wiggles and cute facial expressions throughout the evening. During the fun,  Grandma Nickle read ” ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” to the kiddos and they loved it!  It was a wonderful and fun filled night 🙂

That brings us to Christmas Morning. There is no doubt that Brynt and I have been extremely excited to celebrate Camberlyn’s first Christmas.  So it is no surprise that I was up at 5:30 am making muffins and checking that the house was perfect for Cam. At a little after 6 she “woke up” ( I openly admit that we made quite a bit of noise in the hall to encourage her to wake up. I know, we are terrible), and the fun began!  She LOVED her gift from Santa, a tunnel to crawl through. She went back and forth through it about 20 times before we could get her interested in her other gifts, so cute. I wont go into all of her gifts, lets just say she is a very loved little girl 🙂 I do have to mention her gift from her daddy though. Brynt put a lot of work into making her a busy board and it turned out wonderfully! She loves it and I am so happy he was able to make her something special.

I have to put in a quick blurb about my Hubby. He  is awesome.

I am kind of a pain to shop for, but he managed to get me two things that I REALLY wanted, without me asking or even thinking about them as gifts. Brynt, you are the best.  He gave me the Jim Shore nativiaty that I have been in love with since I first saw it. He also gave me the picture “Christ walking on water” by Julius Sergius von Klever, that I stare at lovingly for long periods of time every visit to Deseret Book.  I am so excited about them both I can hardly contain myself!

I was thrilled that we were able to spend Christmas day doing something I have never done on Christmas … Playing in the snow! It was so fun, we made a make-shift sled for Cam and I, rolled around in the snow and made snow angels. Aside from a face plant in the white stuff, Cam had a good time 🙂

It was a great Christmas; a wonderful and special day to remember and cherish.

Camberlyn’s thoughts on Snow.

Earlier this week Rexburg was covered in a thick blanket of beautiful snow. I love snow; maybe its because I grew up in Arizona and when it did actually snow there you were lucky if it lasted until noon, or maybe its because I love winter and Christmas,  but something about the snow here just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. So you can imagine my excitement when I woke to see the limbs of the huge pine in our front yard covered in snow. I am not usually a morning person but  my excitement had me up and out of bed in no time flat. Naturally Brynt and I wanted to share this amazing gift from nature with Cam, so we got out the baby snow suit and and bounded out the front door to show her the snow.


I know it looks like we took her out in the middle of the night, but I promise its like 7:30 in the morning.

I think the best word to describe her reaction is Confusion. She had no idea what all the white stuff was and where the grass had gone.  She liked watching the snow fall but still had a look on her face like “something fishy is going on here”.  To be honest it was hilarious, kids are by far the best entertainment ever.

Later that day I though I should let her go out again and see if her feelings about snow would change…

Nope, she still thought I had sent her to an alien planet.  So we went back inside and played with her chair from Great Grandad and that was lots of fun 🙂

How cute is that chair?!

I think as the winter season really gets on and we have more chances to let her play in the snow she will  warm up to the stuff 😉


I have been working on moving our blog from blogger to wordpress for a while now, and since I am technologically challenged I just discovered today that there is a very easy way to do it. So it is finally moved and I am very happy about it 🙂 Its still a little rough and I have some quirks to work out but I think over all this will be an improvement.

And now for an update. Camberlyn is growing up so quickly. She will be nine months next week and I am honestly blown away with how fast the time has gone, I love to see how she grows and changes each day and it is hard to believe that she is the new born I held for the first time nine months ago.

here is a list of her latest and greatest achievements.

-Saying Dad. She officially has a first word, and its Dad. This past week she started saying it, and it is absolutely adorable. When she hears Brynt’s truck pull up she races to the door excitedly saying “Da Da Dad Dad Da!”. The reason I can say this is her first word and not just baby babble is because she only says it when Brynt is        home, and then she says it non stop. That baby loves her dad!

-Lightning fast crawling skills. Cam is quick, especially if a door is open. Sometimes I wonder if she has baby       rocket fuel in her system.

-Climbing. Now, she has been climbing basically since she started crawling, but recently she has learned how to use objects like boxes or toys to climb onto other things like the tv stand or the couch. Its an adventure trying to keep up with her, trust me.

-Growling. I have no idea where she picked it up but she can now growl, and it is hilarious.

– Standing… sort of. She is getting to be an expert at pulling her self up to things and standing with just a tiny bit of support. Now and then we can get her to stand all by herself, she does great until she realized that no one is holding her, then she promptly sits down.

We love this little cutie!

In other news…

Brynt is some how managing to balance work, school, family and two sports ( how he does it I don’t know, but he  does it well). As for me, I chase after my wild baby all day and fit in a few projects when I can. Hopefully I will get some of them posted shortly. I am getting excited about me and Cam’s trip to Arizona next month, although it will be so hard to not have Brynt with us. All three of us are getting pumped for Christmas, I know some might say it is to early but in the Barney house hold it is Never to early for Christmas…only 59 and a half days left!

Brynt’s fist Lacrosse game

The Fair

Yesterday, Brynt came up with the fun idea of going to the fair. It has been several years since I have been to a fair, and I have never been to a fair in Idaho so I was excited. And I am happy to report that my excitement was not in vain, The East Idaho State Fair is pretty awesome!
So many great exhibits, there A LOT of talented people in Idaho. The art work was beautiful and inspiring, the cake decorating was incredible, the quilting was was impressive and the antiques were impeccable, (and I just realized that I subconsciously made all those words start with I… interesting).
Camberlyn’s favorite by far was the animal exhibits. Now, we already know that Cam is a farm baby because of all the many baby Einstein videos there are, the only she really enjoys is baby McDonald.  But the fair gave us a stronger idea of just how much she loves live stock. She sat and watched 30 minutes or more of the dairy cow competition… please keep in mind that she is 7 months old. At least we know what kind of toys to get her for Christmas.
To complete our fair experiance we had a smoked turkey leg and some yummy fries, because what is a day at the fair without food that is sure to get you 75% closer to a heart attack?
 It was a great day and the perfect way to start our Fall season!

August, a month of travel and exploration.

August was a great month, and I say that having had many great months in my life.
For Cam, life has really opened up. July was a little frustrating for her because she knew she wanted to crawl and couldn’t. She knew she wanted to climb and couldn’t. She knew she wanted to be able to pick things up while on her hands and knees and, well, she couldn’t… Needless to say, July was a good month but a frustrating one. Then came August and boy did the winds of change start blowing. It all started with what I like to call baby yoga. Camberlyn would get up on her hands and knees and them from there she would stand on her toes and stick her cute little baby bum up in the air, if you have ever taken yoga it was a perfect downward facing dog. Hilarious to say the least. Then she learned to do the worm, that is the best way to describe it. She would get up on her hands and knees, rock and then fall forward and then push herself back on to her hands and knees and start the whole thing over again. This was her mode of transportation for about 3 weeks and she loved it, her dreams had been realized, she could see something she wanted and go get it. I was actually starting to think that she wasn’t going to really crawl because she seemed pretty darn content doing the worm everywhere. But then on the 26th of August while we were in Arizona (more on that later), she did it! My best friend Baylee and I were talking at Brynt’s parents house, Cam had been sitting with us and then got squirmy so I put her down, and right then and there she took off crawling! That opened a whole new world of possibilities, because by the next morning she was starting to climb and pull up on things, an explorer was born. She is now into EVERYTHING, nothing escapes her curiosity. Cupboards, plants, purses, boxes, baskets, cords, books… they are all prey to Camberlyn now. I will openly admit that it has gotten a lot more challenging to keep her out of stuff, but I love it. There is honestly nothing in the world like watching a baby explore their surroundings, it is a beautiful and wonderful stage.
Also, on the 14th and 15th of August she cut her first two teeth! I honestly can’t say it was all that bad because it happened really fast, she got a little fussy and then there they were there. They are so cute, and they make her little smile even more adorable.
Now about Arizona. The main purpose of our trip was to be there for Brynt’s sister Dusti on her wedding day. We got there on Friday and spent the day with our family (his and then mine). We have amazing family, I love them all. Saturday was the wedding, so in the morning we left Cam with my mom and Dad and went to help decorate for the reception. decorating went well into the afternoon and we hardly had time to get ready for the wedding, but we managed to get it all done and get ready in time. It was a beautiful day for Matt and Dusti and I am so happy for them both. Sunday we spent with Brynt’s family and then my parents came over for dinner, which was a lot of fun. Monday we ran around a lot, we saw Grandma May, then went to lunch with my mom and Aunt Karen, saw Dusti’s new horse, then went to Bagdad to see my cousin Sunny, Aunt Lisa, Cousin Kaitlyn, Uncle Lloyd and my Dad. It was so fun to see everyone!
Tuesday was our last day and it was great. Lunch with Brynt’s parents, a visit with Grandma Kruger and then to see Grandma and Grandad Watson for dinner.
Dinner was amazing and  they just love Camberlyn to bits. She is their first great-grandbaby, and it shows! The whole evening they were amazed and awed at everything she did and just loved her to bits. It made me wish that some how Arizona and Idaho could be closer so we could see them more.
I love spending time with our family, mainly because they are all incredible, wonderful, funny, amazing people. Our time in the desert seemed to short, as it always does, but it was great!

Cam and Papa John
Grandpa Terry
Where’d the baby go?
First time riding a horse!
Great Grandma May
Bagdad Family
Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa
The ADORABLE chair that Grandad Watson made for her 🙂

6 months!

You know the old saying “time flies”? Well, I think when you have children, time hits light speed. Its incredible how fast the last 6 months have gone! Whats even more amazing is all the ways Camberlyn has grown and changed in that time.

From day one she has been a happy baby, and a social baby. Cam loves people, she will give just about anyone a huge smile and giggle ( which I will admit as a mother is a little nerve racking, I would like her to have SOME reservations lol). She can sit, well sort of… I think she can actually sit pretty well but she is always going after this or that so I can’t ever get her to sit for very long 🙂 . She gets up on her hands and knees now and can ALMOST crawl, I seriously think we are days away from that. I think she would like to be a farmer when she grows up, I say this simply because of all the Baby Eisenstein videos we have let her watch, baby McDonald is by far her favorite. Camberlyn has wicked good fine motor skills for her age, yes , I know all parents think their kids are incredible, but Cam can pick thinks up with just her thumb and for finger as well as being able to pass toys back and forth between her hands ( I looked that one up in one of my child development books, generally babies can do that around 9 months). She thinks its funny to squawk, its a high pitch short scream that she does in 3 second intervals. Her favorite song is “You are my Sunshine”,  she will start beaming if you sing that to her, I love it. She also loves “Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam”.  One thing I really enjoy is when I feed her she will softly touch my face and look up at me, it melts my heart every time!

She has stolen our hearts completely, the past 6 months have been such an incredible and wonderful time, what a blessing our little Camberlyn Elizabeth is!