What Matters

Lately I have been pretty hard on myself. Actually I am always hard on myself. I expect a lot out of myself and sometimes, many times, I fall short. 
I want to finish my education, I am so close to being done that it hurts, but with a baby now things have slowed down. I have not quit, I wont ever quit but they have slowed down for sure. 
I want to have a perfectly clean house, I want everything to be beautiful and perfect. Don’t get me wrong, my house is clean, but not always spotless.
I want to teach Cam to be bilingual, I want to always look good and have dinner on the table when Brynt gets home from work, I want to work out every day, I want to read a new book every week, I want, I want, I want…..
Today I took Camberlyn for a walk to the park and sitting there  listening to the birds, smelling the sweet spring air, and looking at my sweet baby’s face I realized that all the things I want are good, they are great goals, but they aren’t what matters.
This Matters~
And this Matters~
And I have them both, they mean more to me than words can ever express. Maybe I don’t accomplish everything I want to each day, I am far from being what I want to be, but those things are trivial compared with what I already have. I have the love of a man who is good and kind, who treats me like his queen and loves our daughter like crazy. I have a sweet baby girl who has changed my whole life and made me realize that love is much bigger and more powerful than I ever thought. The other things that I want will come in due time…or they wont. That’s ok, because I already have
 What Matters.


I am sitting here on my couch with my sweet baby laying across my knees where I gently bounced her to sleep. I know that if I move her she will wake up and then be grumpy because she really needs this nap.
It kind of blows my mind how all powerful this child is. Sure she can’t walk, talk, eat solids or control her bowels, but there is no doubt about it, Camberlyn runs the show around here.
The sad thing is, I really really need to pee. Oh so bad. But I will hold it because the reason she is in charge is because I love her, and I will do anything to make her little life better 🙂

Camberlyn’s Blessing

I do realize that I am about a month late writing this but what can I say, I have a very sweet two month old who takes up most of my time.
In March Brynt and I took Camberlyn to Arizona for her baby blessing, Super exciting! We started our trip Thursday evening after Brynt got off work, which has become our normal time to travel since we don’t want to miss a second that we could be spending with family on the road. Traveling 13 hours with an 8 week old baby was not super fun, but it went better than I had expected and was actually much better than traveling 13 hours when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant, that was just plain awful.
 I cannot explain how wonderful it was to see Camberlyn meet all of her family. I loved it. When you live far from family you really learn how important it is to soak up those special moments.My sweet mom had a get together for her so that a bunch of family and friends would be able to meet her. Camberlyn was able to meet Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and people who may not be blood relations, but whom I will always consider them family. It was so special and I am so thankful for all of the wonderful people I have in my life.

Camberlyn With Sunny
Grandma Kerry and Cousin Kaden
Camberlyn and Chevelle
Grandpa Terry with his two new girls

Great Grandma May
Great Grandma Kruger

Great Aunt Lisa and Great Grandma Watson
Uncle Ian

Great Grandad and Grandma Watson

Sunday was the day of her baby blessing.We did it in Brynt’s home ward which was neat and to add to the specialness, Camberlyn’s cousin, Chevelle, who was born 6 days before her was blessed on the same day.  As I listened to Brynt as he blessed Camberlyn, I couldn’t help but be over whelmed with gratitude.  I have been blessed with a Happy, Healthy, Beautiful little girl who has made my life more full of joy than I thought was possible. It was a very special moment for me.

Camberlyn in her blessing dress

Thanks to a snow storm we were able to stay an extra day, which was awesome, but still there is never enough time. It was a wonderful trip, and now more than ever I know that this little girl is truly loved by so many people, its incredible.