Camberlyn at one

It has been a whole month since Camberlyn’s first birthday and I can’t believe what a toddler she has become! she is a walking pro, a non-stop babbler (with some real words thrown in), a fake laugher,  a big helper (sort of), a kisser and hugger, and so many other things 🙂 It seems like since she started walking she has changed so much, she can now say, “mama”, “daddy”, “oh wow”, “uh oh” and “no”. No sounds more like “na na na!” but she definitely gets her point across. She absolutely LOVES to make people laugh, and will fake laugh just to see people’s reactions. Camberlyn still has no sense of “stranger, danger”, and we are starting to think she never will ( scary!).  She enjoys meeting new people SO much! last Sunday during church we were sitting in the foyer during sacrament, she looked around and saw an older gentleman sitting in the corner  whom she promptly walked over to and climbed up into his lap! He was happy to have the company and she sat there for a good 5 mins just enjoying the grandpa time.  She also has discovered how awesome coloring is, it is so fun to watch her concentrate as she works to put marks on the paper.

As a mama, I can’t believe how blessed I am to have her, she is a complete joy. The other day we were sitting on the couch together and she started babbling a long story to me, using hand gestures and throwing in the words she knew. it was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I am so thankful that I get to be with her everyday and see the beautiful, smart and very funny little girl she is becoming!

Pallet Nightstand

It has been a while since I have done a big project, which is sad because I am a project addict. But I’m back in my groove and I’m loving it! So, about two weeks ago I saw an ad on craigslist for free pallets, and I got to thinking ” I bet I could make something out of pallets”.  When I brought it up with Brynt, he told me to “please, please please make new night stands for us!”. So I scoured Pinterest for ideas, there were a few pallet night stands out there but nothing that I really liked. So I decided to wing it, which is pretty much how I do everything.

Before I get started on how I did it I would just like to add this little tid bit that I feel is left out of all the other DYI pallet posts on the internet; the hardest part by far of this whole project was getting the stinking boards off the freaking pallet! Holy cow, what a pain, but totally worth it. Ok, you have been warned.

I started by making a box and then nailing boards to it vertically. Again, I really didn’t have a step by step plan, I just had an idea of what I wanted to do.


This continued and my hubby helped me by putting one of the shelf supports in the bottom which gave it more stability and thus made putting the rest of the board in easier.

The next step ( I thought) was to add the rest of the shelf supports. So I did that, and guess what? It was REALLY hard to get the top measure the same width as the bottom. Granted, had there been an extra person or two to push the top to the right width while I nailed the boards on, I think I could have managed it. But alas, I work alone.  So then my husband came to my rescue once again. “If we take the shelf supports out and nail the top on at the correct width, it should make things a lot easier”. He is so smart.


Next I added the remainder of the small boards I used to keep the shelves in place to the front to make it look a little more finished.


Finally I had reached my favorite part of almost any project: sanding and painting. I chose to not sand it to much because I wanted more of a rustic look,  I also knew I wanted to do a white wash on it so I left it a little on the rough side so it would soak up more of the wash.

This was my first time white washing something and I learned a few things. At first when I put it on I thought ” oh no, its way to white!”, but I quickly learned that it soaks in really fast and I actually ended up doing about 3 coats of white wash to achieve the look I was going for.  Ta Da!


To finish it off, I recovered the old black storage bins from our old night stands with some fabric I found at the thrift store, and added a lace detail for something pretty 🙂


I absolutely love how it turned out. And I can’t wait to get started making its twin!

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