Getting ready for Christmas

Making Sugar Cookies
Our tree! that is a top hat on top πŸ™‚

So we have been getting ready for Christmas here in Idaho, and its been lovely! I love Christmas, SO much. There will be one big thing missing from Christmas this year and its Family. We can’t go home because its just to close to my due date, so we are staying here. It makes me sad because I have never not spent Christmas with my family and that is going to be really really hard. But, in a little way I am excited to spend Christmas just me and Brynt. We have grown so much as a couple being far away from family and I treasure all the special moments we get to have together. So in a way this Christmas is the cherry on top of our first year of marriage sundae. And the next year is sure to be full of adventure with the arrival of Camberlyn toΒ  start things off πŸ™‚