Baby on the Brain

Well the last few weeks have been a fun new chapter in pregnancy. First off, about three weeks ago I was able to start feeling the baby moving! Woo Hoo, was that ever exciting!
Secondly we went to my 20 week ultrasound and found out that this little one is a GIRL!
We are So happy and excited! It was great to see her little face and how she moves around in there, we loved it 🙂
Soon after the ultrasound, Brynt got to feel her moving for the first, which was such a neat thing for him.
Now that I know what we are having I have been able to really start planning how I want to do her room and stuff like that. We decided that we wanted to do pictures of all different great children’s characters, So for the past little while I have been tracing and drawing lots of different pictures of our favorite characters. After I drew the pictures I found a bunch of picture frames for them, I painted all the frames different colors to bring some life to the room since we aren’t aloud to paint the walls. Needless to say, I have been having lots of fun being crafty lately! Below are a couple of my favorites, but there are quite a few more 🙂