Let’s set the record straight here

So you know how on blogger you can see who visits your blog? Today I was looking through and noticed that I had a ton of visits from this one site, which I thought was weird so decided to check it out. Turns out it was an anti-mormonism chat room. Someone started a post saying ” Friend of mine’s post on how amazing it is to clean the temple”, with a link to a blog post I had done about a temple experience Brynt and I had had. To which many people chimed in about how brain washed and pathetic I am, how sad it is that I don’t know I belong to a cult, that I am a robot, that I am deluded, that I was married at 18 and brain washed into doing so, that I am dumb, that my name is too “mormony”(?), that I am uneducated and can’t think for myself… and on and on.
I don’t know who the “friend” was that posted my blog on the site. But obviously they don’t actually know me. At all.
 I am a convert, I chose this life. I was not married at 18, I am not brain washed, my name is just my name and was chosen before I or my parents joined the Church, I do not belong to a cult ( I’ve done some research on those, pretty positive this is not a cult), I have lots to learn but I am 15 credits shy of my bachelors  so I consider myself at least somewhat educated, and I am not a robot because if I was I am sure my house would be much cleaner.  I am my own person and I do as I please. It just so happens that it pleases me to be a member of this Church. And you know what, I am happy.  And not a brain washed crazy person who thinks she is happy, I actually enjoy my life.

I respect other people’s views. You don’t like what I believe? That’s just fine with me, It is a natural right to believe whatever we want. But don’t make me the punch line of your jokes because of my religion. I won’t do that anyone, because unlike you, my so called friend, I don’t have to put others down about what they believe in order to feel good about what I believe.

3 thoughts on “Let’s set the record straight here

  1. I am SO sorry this happened to you. That makes me so sad how mean people can be. You are the kindest friend. You have such a loving heart. I have known you since umm forever. You aren't any of those things. Don't let their negativity bring you down. You are an incredible person, mother, wife, example, and friend. {hugs}

  2. That's really sad that someone would completely distort the experience you had! Oh well, what can you do? Your blog's super cute, and your family is darling!

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