Back Porch Garden Box

So Brynt and I love projects. making stuff, remaking stuff, its our thing.
Today we built a garden box for the back step, and its awesome. We live in a townhouse/apartment so we don’t really have a yard that is “ours”, its more like everyone’s yard. But I really wanted to do a little garden this summer. Solution? This little guy.

This was honestly really easy. The side pieces are pre-made stairs that you can get at Lowes or Home Depot that we flipped over. We used 2×4’s for the middle sections, it took five 8ft boards cut in half: two in the back of the top tier, two in the front of the bottom tier, one in the back of the bottom tier (laid flat ) and one in the front of the top tier (up right). We then covered the bottom of the box with screen door fabric… And that is it. Simple.

Then it was on to the fun part of filling it with dirt and planting! Yay! Here is the finished product.

Fits great on the back step and saves lots of room. I am a happy girl.

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