Perfectly Pleasant Palisades

So its been a little while since we had a family update on here. Things have gotten busy now that Brynt is back in school, but we still make time for a little fun.

This past Saturday we took a trip with our friends the Richardsons, out to Palisades lake. It is a huge reservoir on the boarder of Eastern Idaho and western Wyoming, and let me just say that it is quite stunning. For us (me especially) this adventure was much needed. Cold weather has had us trapped in doors for months now and with a pretty wild one year old in the house,  I was coming down with a bad case of cabin fever.  Thankfully it was an absolutely perfect day, the was shining, the temperature was perfect and the scenery was unbeatable… just was I needed!  The kids had a blast, they played in the sand, mud and water all day, got completely filthy from head to toe and loved every second of it. Camberlyn loves the great outdoors, just like her parents. We saw a moose and an osprey while we were out, Cam was pretty amazed by the osprey carrying a fish.
It was really a “perfect” day, and just was we all needed; fresh air, beautiful scenery and good people to share it with.


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