Cause and Effect

With only few days left until Camberlyn’s first birthday, we are quickly transitioning from babyhood to toddler hood. She is walking, her vocabulary is beginning to really take shape and she is starting to look like a kid not a baby. As a mama, this is a bitter sweet time for me. I love to see how grown up she is becoming but I look at her new born pictures and think ” how has it been a year already!?”.

As the mother of a rapidly developing toddler I feel like I am learning as much as she is each day. And surprisingly we are often times learning the same lessons, today’s being : Cause and Effect. For Camberlyn the lesson was learned in this method ” If I pull the bag out of the cupboard and turn it over, white powder covers the floor and is a lot of fun to play in!”.  For me the lesson went more like this, ” If I leave the room to switch the laundry, Camberlyn will find the bag of cornstarch, spill it on the floor and spread it as far and wide as her little body can manage.”

When I saw what she had accomplished in such a short amount of time I was truly impressed. I laughed and got out the camera, because as big as that mess was, these are little moments I never want to forget.


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