Family time is the Best time.

This past week our little home was bursting with fun, and by fun I mean my awesome family! My parents and siblings hit the road and made the long trek up to Idaho for a nice 6 day visit. During the week we had fun visiting the Christmas display at the Idaho Falls museum, driving around the Idaho country side (and almost getting stuck up in the mountains), and just laughing and having fun like only my crazy family can.  It was SO great to have them here, they are a wonderful bunch and I loved every second of their visit. But I think it is safe to say that Camberlyn loved their visit the most. She is so blessed to be so completely loved.

One of the great things about the timing of their trip was that we were able to all celebrate Brynt’s birthday together.  He opened his gifts in the morning while sporting the alligator hat and wrestling champion belt I got him. It was awesome. Later we went out, had a nice lunch and spent the day out on the town. Then we came home and watched a movie while eating a yummy steak dinner, I think Brynt had a good day 🙂

On their last night here we were able the decorate our Christmas tree with them, Yay! I loved decorating the tree with the people I love while watching Christmas movies. it really doesn’t get much better than that.

It was an awesome week, it was so good to see Camberlyn bonding with her family and I was reminded over and over again of what an amazing family I have.  To me it was an early Christmas gift to have them here, there really is nothing that compares to the value of having the ones you love most with you.DSCN5267

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