New life to an Old Dresser

I love re-purposing things. Not just a little bit, I really love it. There is something incredibly satisfying about taking something old and forgotten and giving it a new home.

Well this weekend I did my my finest re-purposing work yet.

I should start by saying that recently we got a new flat panel TV, it is replasing the tv that Brynt’s parents gave us when we first got married, which was a GREAT tv (seriously, so thankful for awesome inlaws who happy gave us their old tv), but it was a bit bulky. Or a lot bulky. So we got a new tv on black friday ( smokin’ good deal), and is SO much less bulky! I know that Brynt is loving it because it is big and cool, and I do too, but mostly I like it because it is flat.

Anyways, because we got this new tv, I really wanted a new tv stand as well. The bulky tv had been sitting on an old coffee table who, like the tv which it served, was quite bulky. Not Cool. So I scoured the online for sale ads until I came across the perfect dresser to convert to an entertainment center. She didn’t look like much to start with, but I had a vision and I knew I could turn that dresser into something great. And I did.

I am in love with how it turned out, it is seriously exactly what I wanted. I totally did a little happy dance when I took a look at my final outcome 🙂

This is it before, your average, run of the mill dresser.

This is it before, your average, run of the mill dresser.

And here is the transformation…



The Finished product.




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6 thoughts on “New life to an Old Dresser

  1. I have been wanting to do this for months! I saw an idea of this on Pinterest before I had Devrie and was determined to do it, but never found a dresser that I loved and quit looking after I had her. Now I want to do it again lol. Your’s turned out beautifully! I love the distressing you did around the edges too 🙂

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