Busy, Wonderful November

November is a great month. Its my birthday month. It is our anniversary month.Its the month that has Thanksgiving (my second favorite holiday), and it is the month that ushers in the Christmas season. November is an all around great month.

November 2012 has been a busy one for our little family. We started out the month by celebrating our 2nd anniversary, woot woot! to celebrate,Brynt and I went to a Mystery Dinner, which was like playing clue in real life, can you say FUN! Then the next day we took a trip down to salt lake to have a fun afternoon at Boondocks and dinner at Cheese Cake Factory ( I LOVE that place). It was a pretty awesome weekend, but nothing compares to how awesome the last 2 years have been 🙂

The Monday after our fun anniversary weekend, Cam and I were on a plane headed to sunny Arizona! FYI, taking a nine month old on a plane is… interesting. LOL

There is no way to describe all the fun things that we got to do in AZ, but here are some pictures that sum it all up pretty well.

The main reason me and Camberlyn took our trip to AZ was to be there for my Grandad’s 80th birthday party. I was so glad we could be there to show him just how much he means to us and tell him what an amazing guy he is!

Needless to say, the trip was wonderful. I didn’t take nearly enough pictures ( is there such a thing as “enough” pictures?) but I am glad I got the ones I did!

When we got home it was almost Thanksgiving, so we did some shopping and got cooking. This year it was just our little family, and as much as we were missing our families in AZ, it was such a wonderful day. We watched the Thanksgiving day parade, got the house ready, made enough food for an army, and then ate our wonderful meal. Oh, and then Brynt and I had a immature moment and sprayed each other with the left over green hair spray from Halloween, he he he. I am so grateful this year, we have been so blessed, I could write a book on all of the things I am thankful for. Here is a brief look at our day 🙂

To finish off the month I got to celebrate my 24th birhtday, woo hoo! It was a great day, Brynt made me wear a tiara while I opened gifts in the morning, then surprised me by taking me out to a sushi dinner (I love sushi!). He also made me wear the tiara while I blew out the candles, I pretty much have the best husband in the whole world. Ever. To infinity… and beyond! I win 😉

So that was November, and it was Awesome.DSCN5190


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