I have been working on moving our blog from blogger to wordpress for a while now, and since I am technologically challenged I just discovered today that there is a very easy way to do it. So it is finally moved and I am very happy about it 🙂 Its still a little rough and I have some quirks to work out but I think over all this will be an improvement.

And now for an update. Camberlyn is growing up so quickly. She will be nine months next week and I am honestly blown away with how fast the time has gone, I love to see how she grows and changes each day and it is hard to believe that she is the new born I held for the first time nine months ago.

here is a list of her latest and greatest achievements.

-Saying Dad. She officially has a first word, and its Dad. This past week she started saying it, and it is absolutely adorable. When she hears Brynt’s truck pull up she races to the door excitedly saying “Da Da Dad Dad Da!”. The reason I can say this is her first word and not just baby babble is because she only says it when Brynt is        home, and then she says it non stop. That baby loves her dad!

-Lightning fast crawling skills. Cam is quick, especially if a door is open. Sometimes I wonder if she has baby       rocket fuel in her system.

-Climbing. Now, she has been climbing basically since she started crawling, but recently she has learned how to use objects like boxes or toys to climb onto other things like the tv stand or the couch. Its an adventure trying to keep up with her, trust me.

-Growling. I have no idea where she picked it up but she can now growl, and it is hilarious.

– Standing… sort of. She is getting to be an expert at pulling her self up to things and standing with just a tiny bit of support. Now and then we can get her to stand all by herself, she does great until she realized that no one is holding her, then she promptly sits down.

We love this little cutie!

In other news…

Brynt is some how managing to balance work, school, family and two sports ( how he does it I don’t know, but he  does it well). As for me, I chase after my wild baby all day and fit in a few projects when I can. Hopefully I will get some of them posted shortly. I am getting excited about me and Cam’s trip to Arizona next month, although it will be so hard to not have Brynt with us. All three of us are getting pumped for Christmas, I know some might say it is to early but in the Barney house hold it is Never to early for Christmas…only 59 and a half days left!

Brynt’s fist Lacrosse game


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