The Fair

Yesterday, Brynt came up with the fun idea of going to the fair. It has been several years since I have been to a fair, and I have never been to a fair in Idaho so I was excited. And I am happy to report that my excitement was not in vain, The East Idaho State Fair is pretty awesome!
So many great exhibits, there A LOT of talented people in Idaho. The art work was beautiful and inspiring, the cake decorating was incredible, the quilting was was impressive and the antiques were impeccable, (and I just realized that I subconsciously made all those words start with I… interesting).
Camberlyn’s favorite by far was the animal exhibits. Now, we already know that Cam is a farm baby because of all the many baby Einstein videos there are, the only she really enjoys is baby McDonald.  But the fair gave us a stronger idea of just how much she loves live stock. She sat and watched 30 minutes or more of the dairy cow competition… please keep in mind that she is 7 months old. At least we know what kind of toys to get her for Christmas.
To complete our fair experiance we had a smoked turkey leg and some yummy fries, because what is a day at the fair without food that is sure to get you 75% closer to a heart attack?
 It was a great day and the perfect way to start our Fall season!


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