Well that was Awesome.

Things were going good this morning. I got to eat breakfast, I was in a good mood, Cam was playing and being good … and then in a matter of seconds it all went down the toilet.
I was working on a craft while Camberlyn was playing in her jungle gym. Then I noticed the red eye brows, concentrated expression and yellow stain that was growing quickly. She had exploded out of her diaper. Awesome.
I quickly went over to assess the situation, craft still in hand. Did I mention the craft included a bottle with watered down, smurf blue paint? Well it did.
When I got over to the baby she kicks the bottle in my hand and gets blue paint all over her foot and the carpet. Double Awesome.
Now I have a baby with poo everywhere, a tiny blue foot and a lovely blue spot on the carpet.
I took a deep breath, laughed a little and got to work. I am still working on the carpet, but for the most part I got the disaster under control.


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