Dresser Redo

I have been wanting to get a dresser for the baby’s room for a while now, but I just couldn’t find one that was the right dimensions for her room. Then I came across this little guy at a thrift store the other day.

It wasn’t exactly a beauty to start with but I saw potential.
So, First step : Sand it down. Just enough to get the finish off so the paint will stick.

Next : Paint! Brynt is the one who chose this wild green, but the rest her furniture is very colorful as well so it works. It took about 3 coats for it to really be covered.
For the drawers I had decided that I wanted to cover them in different colored fabrics. 
I found squares of fabric at the store meant for quilting that worked great. I made sure to Iron them first.
Then I removed the handles and applied Mod Podge to the drawer face.
 I then smoothed out the fabric onto the drawer, and covered with more Mod Podge.
To finish it off I trimmed the excess fabric, painted and re-atatched the handles and it was ready to go!
And I love it! It goes great in her colorful and crazy room 🙂

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