What Matters

Lately I have been pretty hard on myself. Actually I am always hard on myself. I expect a lot out of myself and sometimes, many times, I fall short. 
I want to finish my education, I am so close to being done that it hurts, but with a baby now things have slowed down. I have not quit, I wont ever quit but they have slowed down for sure. 
I want to have a perfectly clean house, I want everything to be beautiful and perfect. Don’t get me wrong, my house is clean, but not always spotless.
I want to teach Cam to be bilingual, I want to always look good and have dinner on the table when Brynt gets home from work, I want to work out every day, I want to read a new book every week, I want, I want, I want…..
Today I took Camberlyn for a walk to the park and sitting there  listening to the birds, smelling the sweet spring air, and looking at my sweet baby’s face I realized that all the things I want are good, they are great goals, but they aren’t what matters.
This Matters~
And this Matters~
And I have them both, they mean more to me than words can ever express. Maybe I don’t accomplish everything I want to each day, I am far from being what I want to be, but those things are trivial compared with what I already have. I have the love of a man who is good and kind, who treats me like his queen and loves our daughter like crazy. I have a sweet baby girl who has changed my whole life and made me realize that love is much bigger and more powerful than I ever thought. The other things that I want will come in due time…or they wont. That’s ok, because I already have
 What Matters.

One thought on “What Matters

  1. I found your blog today & I'm having fun reading about your life!
    I can't pass This post without a comment though, because it literally brought tears to my eyes. Beautifully said!

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