I am sitting here on my couch with my sweet baby laying across my knees where I gently bounced her to sleep. I know that if I move her she will wake up and then be grumpy because she really needs this nap.
It kind of blows my mind how all powerful this child is. Sure she can’t walk, talk, eat solids or control her bowels, but there is no doubt about it, Camberlyn runs the show around here.
The sad thing is, I really really need to pee. Oh so bad. But I will hold it because the reason she is in charge is because I love her, and I will do anything to make her little life better 🙂

One thought on “Trapped

  1. 🙂 As I read this I'm sitting on the couch, needing to pee, thinking of all the things I need to accomplish, & enjoying cuddles from my sweet sleeping boy. 🙂 This is the life!

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