Tiny but Mighty

Camberlyn is 3 weeks old today, I can’t believe it! She is so fun and wonderful, we are loving all the changes we see in  her each day. We tell her that she is tiny but mighty; at three weeks old she has grown a lot, gained a whole pound and grown 3 inches, but she is still just barely fitting into her newborn clothes so she is still tiny. that being said, she has started holding her head up really well ( the doctor said she is doing incredibly well for her age), if you hold her up she will use her legs to stand, and as of yesterday she has learned how to make happy little squeaky noises when she is playing. She has been able to smile since the day she was born and on a couple occasions we have caught her giggling. Tiny but Mighty 🙂

Every day with her is a blessing, she gives us perspective on what life is about, and what a gift living is.


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