Three Months down, Six to go!

So, I am officially 12 weeks pregnant! So stoked. The baby actually looks like a human instead of jelly bean now. The above picture is some indication of what he/she looks like, although Brynt and I are sure that ours is much cuter than the illustration. At this point our little munchkin is a little over 2 inches long and weighs almost half and ounce. Development is going great, most of the baby’s internal systems are in place and now it will be able to really start growing! It can move it’s little fingers and toes ( which now have nails), suck, and if I poke my belly it can squirm in response ( although I wont be able to feel it yet). Pretty amazing if you ask me! 
As for me, I am feel pretty good lately. I have found that snacks are my best friend in the world, and naps are pretty awesome too. Last week I really started feel better as far as the nausea is concerned which I greatly appreciate since its final time at school. I am tiered  a lot of the time but I’ll take tiered over nausea any day!
So things are going great! Brynt and I get to go home at the end of the week and we are super duper excited… almost as excited as we are about the baby!  

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