The Big News

Well I am sure most of you know by now, but Brynt and I are going to be parents! we are SO SO excited! We have know for quiet a while now (since the middle of May), but wanted to keep it on the Down Low for while just to make sure that everything was ok. Also it took us (mainly me) a while to believe it was true. On top of that, those who know me well will know that I like to figure out every possible thing that can go wrong so that I am prepared. I have spent hours reading articles, blogs, and website that talk about stories of women who warn not to get to excited and not to tell anyone for a while. These were all kind of downers so I wouldn’t suggest reading them to anyone else, but I did learn about A LOT of things that can go wrong in early pregnancy. needless to say I was nervous to tell anyone. Slowly we have told family and friends which has been wonderful to because we have had so much support, love and excitement from everyone.
Yesterday was a mile stone though. It was our first appointment and first ultrasound! I have been waiting WEEKS for this appointment. and it was awesome.
I’ve never experience an “awesome” doctors visit before, but this one definitely was. When the picture came up on the screen and we saw our little “gummy bear” on the screen, it took my breath away! and then to hear his/her little heart and see it wiggling and moving its arms… incredible! I have never seen anything that touched my heart like that, it was so wonderful.

The part that made that moment so much sweeter was having Brynt there and seeing the joy and excitement on his face. He is beyond excited to be a Dad, and I know he will be an amazing Father.
I hope and pray everyday that I will be a good Mom!

so that is our big news, and we are so excited to share it 🙂


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