Herbert Ghost Town

So the weather has been beautiful today and it was time to get out of the house. A few days ago I was just messing around online and I found out that there is a ghost town just South of Rexburg. Not like scary haunted ghost town, like everybody just up and left ghost town. Here is the story;

Herbert was a small farming town, in its hay day its population was only about 150. It had a school house, small store and a few small homes along the creek. The invention of the automobile really killed the town since it was so much easier to get to Rexburg and Rigby, and by the 40’s it was completely abandoned.

Sound cool? It did to me, I absolutely love this kind of stuff. So Brynt and I set out to find it…..and we did!

First we found an old chimney that has since been creatively decorated, next to it there was the remains of an old seller.

Just up the hill was this awesome house, it was so neat!

Brynt wanted to “hold up the house”….but really it just looks like he is trying to push it over 🙂

Brynt loves old farm equipment… not sure what this was but it is old and very cool.

  We drove up the road a little ways look for more of the buildings….. but then we got distracted by the beauty of the Idaho country side! Its just gorgeous this time of the year.

After we had our fill of beautiful scenery we headed back to the creek where the community was said to have been. that is where we found this little beauty.

These were the stairs to the second story and down to the basement. I really wanted to explore but for safety reasons I didn’t. If we go back though I don’t think I’ll be able to resist ha ha.

It is a little hard to see in the picture but all those little bumps are moss growing all over the roof. it look so cool.

Nice view from the front yard. 

Across the stream there we could see another building but it was to muddy to get to. We plan on going back to see if we can find some more!

Our final finding for the day was what we think was the old store.

It was an awesome day! we had so much fun and loved exploring all the old buildings. It was cool to try and imagine what these places were like back in the day. We plan on going back some time in the future and seeing if we can find more of the building along the creek. Great time!


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