Revelations of Marriage

So after now being married for 7 months, here are the 7 changes that we love and laugh at.

1. When single there seems to be this desire to stay up till as late as possible; when married we are out cold by 10pm…11 if we are really being night owls.

2. Grocery shopping is now a fun trip because we get more food.

3. While going to the bathroom, this thought crossed my mind ” wow, Brynt got the good toilet paper, what a great husband.” What?! when did I start having thoughts like that?

4. We actually say things like, ” when we were kids things were so much better”. This is true, but we’re 22…. can things have changed that much?

5. When single, its such a big deal to go on “single” dates, Just the two of us… woo hoo! These days…. We absolutely love double dates, or having other couples over, it rocks šŸ™‚

6. We act like complete idiots around each other. Whether it be ridiculous accents, goofy dances or just things we would never dream of saying out loud in front of any one else, we act like idiots… and its funny,like really super funny.

7. There are so many weird changes that come with being married, but my favorite thing is that we now share a life together. We always understand the struggles and joys that each of us are facing because they are ours together. There is always a shoulder to lean on, there is always someone who cares.


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