Our Garden

Ok, just as a warning this may be a boring post. you have now been warned.
Having an apartment has been awesome, we love it. But as it has started to warm up in the last few weeks we realized that we have nothing green in our home, also we are on the third floor and have no yard what soever. This is pretty depressing for us, my family has always had a garden and a yard and Bynt’s family has too, so we were both missing it. This brought us to the decision that we would like to plant a little garden in our apartment, which meant a trip to Home Depot.
Home Depot is not a safe place to go if you are in the mood for any form of home improvement, you always end up with more than you had intended on. This happened to us. we went in to get a couple of herb plants for our little herb garden……but the herb plants were by the indoor plant section which had a whole section of Hawaiian plants. Ever since our honeymoon we have had a small obsession with Hawaii, so we had the idea that we would buy a couple of our favorites that way we could be reminded of Hawaii every day 🙂
We ended up walking out of Home Depot with a Ti plant, a Hala tree, Pineapple Sage, Thia Basil and Italian flat leaf Parsley… A bit more than we had intended on, but we love it and our house seems much more alive these days! When we got home we had a ton of fun painting the pot for our herb garden and planting all the  different plants ( BTW, this is a great family home evening, even if there is just two of you!). Its been a few weeks now and they are all looking beautiful.

The Herb Garden, it smells so good!

The Ti Plant, this is one of my favorites 🙂

The Hala tree, when they get big they look like something from a Dr. Sues book!


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