Cleaning and Learning at the Temple

Yesterday Brynt and I had a really cool experience. We got to go clean the Rexburg Temple! It was such a neat way to view the temple and we both really enjoyed it.
 We got there around 10pm, and they gave us special jump suits, then we went to a little meeting about the temple, it was really cool and it amazed me that the spirit could be so actively involved in something as mundane as cleaning 🙂 After the meeting we went strait to work.
It never stops amazing me how much you learn at the temple, no matter what you are doing: walking on the grounds, doing work in side, or in this case cleaning. I was sweeping the floors and thinking how it felt kind of silly that I was cleaning something that seems perfectly clean already, and that is when I had a really interesting thought. The point wasn’t to clean something that was dirty, it was to keep it from ever getting dirty. To some, this isn’t that profound but to me it was just so neat. When I thought about it in terms of me, it made so much sense, I need to be constantly “cleaning” my life so that I never have big messes to clean up, just on going maintenance so that I stay as fresh and new as possible.
I am so grateful that Brynt and I had this chance to serve, and to learn. We enjoyed it so very much and will be gladly doing it again if the opportunity arises 🙂

Our Beautiful Rexburg Temple

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