How this whole thing got started.

Brynt and I have known each other since our teen years, we had the same circle of friends, even hung our several times but never dated. After our high school years we grew up, lost contact and pretty much forgot about each other. So how did we end up married? Well, we have Facebook to thank for that.
Brynt found my profile in December of 2009, he messaged me saying “Hi, Holy cow how have you been? It’s been for ever since i have talked to you what’s new? Holy cow we have to hangout.”.  So, through messages we talked, caught up with each other and set up a date.
For our first date Brynt took me ice skating, we skated and talked, talked and skated and had a lot of fun. He then took me to see all the Christmas lights around town, this is where we discovered our joint love (bordering on obsession) for Christmas. It was a great night, but neither of us knew it was the beginning of something way bigger…..
After that first date we started hanging just about everyday. We never got sick of each other, in fact the more we hung out the more we didn’t want to be apart. Hanging out became dating and dating became falling in love.

I should mention that Brynt knew way before I did that he wanted to marry me; I love that about him, he always knows just what he wants…. I on the other hand have to think things over about a billion times. But eventually I came around and on June 20, 2010 he proposed and I said yes!

We were married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple on November 6th, 2010 and spent our honeymoon on the amazing Hawaiian island of Oahu.

About a two months after our wedding we moved to Rexburg, Idaho so we could go to school at BYU-Idaho. We love it here, and we have had so many blessing.
That is how we  got to where we are in our lives right now, and my hope is that from here on out this blog will keep track of all the little adventures in life, or in other words, The Rest of the Story.


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